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Creative Art Sensory Sessions

A fun and interactive Art Program designed for Children

Get ready to get creative in our 6 Week Sensory Session Art Program.

Your child will love creating unique works of art using a wide range of mediums and textures for a full and unique sensory experience. 

This program will be held each Saturday inside our centre from 2:30pm – 3:30pm.

Given the structured activities of this program, it is aimed at primary school students (aged 5 – 12).  NSW Creative Kids Vouchers are accepted. Bookings are essential as places are limited.

A unique creative art program designed for kids to explore, experiment, create and socialise.

Expressive art is a positive healthy and fun way for children to release stress, anxiety and communicate in a way that encourages individual creativity.

Our Creative Art Sensory Sessions have been developed by a Diversional Therapist and provide a range of sensory experiences that build on each child’s sense of self expression. 

Art encourages imagination, problem solving and self-discovery. Our program allows children to work with a wide variety of materials which are visual, tactile and olfactorily stimulating, whilst creating a positive sense of achievement for each individual.

Program Cost

Full program cost is $180 and includes the Creative Art Session plus access to the play gym. Program cost is $180. NSW Creative Kids Vouchers accepted. After Pay available (instore payments only). NDIS payments may be available dependent on plan. Please use the booking form below to confirm your place.

This program will be held every Saturday commencing 18 February 2023. This 1 hour program includes:

  • Abstract Inspired Self Portrait
  • Silhouette and Shadow Art
  • Mosaic Pasta and Clay Creation
  • Spinning Paint Monsters
  • Sensory Squish Balls
  • My Special Collage Project

Program Outcomes

  • Creating artworks from a range of textures and mediums
  • Learning about colours and mixing of colours
  • Sensory education and development
  • Learning the skills of discovery and creative imaginative play
  • Supports and develops fine motor skills
  • Improves bilateral and hand / eye co-ordination
  • Allows an opportunity for creative self-expression
  • Provides a sense of pride and achievement
  • Children get to take home their artwork every week

Booking Form

Would your child like to be a part of our Creative Art program? Simply fill out the form below to secure your place.

Sensory Sessions 2023

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Sensory Sessions 6 Week Program: $ 180.00

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