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About Us


Share My Ability is a Sensory Activity Centre located in Western Sydney that is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Purpose built for inclusion and fun, Share My Ability is owned and operated by NADO (Nepean Area Disabilities Organisation), a registered NDIS Provider that has over 40 years of experience within the disability sector.

The centre provides the local community of Penrith and surrounding areas a recreational space that is inclusive, engaging, interactive and safe. The state-of-the-art equipment is accessible to all abilities and offers wheelchair friendly features.

The Sensory Activity Centre includes:

  • Liberty Swing – the world’s safest and most recognised swing for children and adults in wheelchairs.
  • Interactive Projector – captivating special effects and games that will engage and amaze.
  • Accessible Trampoline – a fully inclusive inground trampoline that is wheelchair accessible.
  • Inflatable Bagjump – take a leap of exhilarated joy with this 3 x 5 m inflatable airbag.
  • Sensory Relax Room – features ambient lighting, colour changing bubble tubes, interactive wall panels and comfort pods.
  • Accessible Spinner – an inground roundabout that spins around and is wheelchair friendly. 
  • Climbing Wall – a fun, colourful and interactive climbing wall to build co-ordination and strength.

Safety Accredited Equipment

The equipment layout and soft fall flooring of Share My Ability has been certified and is compliant to Australian Standards.  

Staff and Customer Support

Share My Ability offers a supportive team of staff in addition to Allied Health practitioners including an Exercise Physiologist and Diversional Therapist. The Centre Coordinator can assist with any enquiries or bookings. 

Additional features of the centre include:

  • Sensory Store
  • Onsite Café
  • Fully accessible bathrooms
  • Dedicated Party / Activity Room
  • Both onsite and roadside parking
  • Registered NDIS Provider
  • COVID safe premises

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Waiver and Release Form Share My Ability

Issued August 2021

Please read the following terms carefully. By participating in any class, activity or using any equipment provided by Nepean Area Disabilities Organisation (the Owner) you consent to, and agree to release the Owner from liability according to, these terms. Unless the Owner notifies you otherwise, this waiver and release will apply to all activities undertaken by you at Share My Ability (the premises).

You acknowledge that:

  • are over 18 years of age (if not, a parent/guardian must sign on your behalf)
  • understand that the using equipment provided by, and/or engaging in activities at, the premises is a form of physical activity and that there are inherent risks in undertaking any form of physical exercise
  • have disclosed, or will disclose to the Owner prior to commencing your session, any pre-existing conditions that may place you at a higher risk of injury or inhibit your ability to participate in certain activities or using certain equipment, this includes, but is not limited to:
    • injuries, pain or recent surgery
    • pregnancy or if you have recently given birth
    • respiratory or heart conditions or high blood pressure
    • physical condition or lack of mobility which may prevent safe use of the equipment
  • agree to notify the Owner and its Representatives (staff members) if you experience any pain throughout the session and will immediately stop participating in the session if requested by the Owner or its representatives
  • acknowledge that, based on information you provide, the Owner may decide not to allow you to participate in a session or activity, or use a certain piece of equipment, or may require you to provide a medical certificate affirming that you are able to participate in a session or activity or use a certain piece of equipment before allowing you to join, at the Owner’s sole discretion
  • acknowledge that recommendations or instruction provided by the Owner or Representatives may not be tailored for your particular skill or ability level and it is your responsibility to assess whether you are able or want to participate in all or part of a session or activity
  • acknowledge you are solely responsible for ensuring that your physical environment is suitable for your participation in any session or activity; and
  • agree that sessions may be recorded by the Owner for quality control or promotional purposes. If you do not consent to the Owner using video or still images taken during the session for promotional purposes, please notify the Owner in writing.


To the extent permitted at law, you release and hold the Owner (and where applicable its, directors, employees and representatives) harmless from any liability, cost, expense, damages or claims (including claims of negligence) arising from or which may be suffered or incurred in connection with your participation in any sessions or activities provided by the Owner.